Give Your Members Peace of Mind with Responsible Loans through LoansAtWork

As you know, too many teachers and other education staff professionals struggle to meet unexpected expenses. BMG Money is a national financial services company that supports financial well-being and inclusion in the financial mainstream. We’re actively concerned about the growing number of hardworking people caught on the treadmill of predatory payday loans.

  • LoansAtWork

    BMG Money offers LoansAtWork to alleviate the emotional stress and despair threatening an astonishing 15 percent or more of members. LoansAtWork is a voluntary benefit that helps Unions help their members avoid the high-interest loans that can pull them deeper into crisis. We help members manage emergency expenses with fixed and affordable payments, escape the grasp of predatory debt, and access the just world of socially responsible and reasonably priced loans.

  • The borrowing problem: the harsh reality

    At any moment in time, there are an unacceptable and unnecessary number of members who are stressed by unexpected expenses and don’t know how to make ends meet. Too often, low credit scores force many to reach in exactly the wrong direction: for a loan at an exorbitant rate.

  • The lending solution: this problem does not need to exist

    LoansAtWork is a simple, fair, and effective tool Unions can use to help members escape the vicious cycle of predatory debt, with no risk or cost to the Union. Members need this reliable, low-cost option to manage unexpected expenses and pay down or avoid expensive debt. BMG Money does not exclude members based upon their credit scores, and its rates are less than 1/10th of the cost of payday lenders.

Add responsible loans to your benefits package now, and free your members from distress!

How LoansAtWork Works

LoansAtWork is an on-line installment loan program providing disciplined, responsible, and easy-to-manage credit at low rates. Access is based upon membership, not credit scores. Members enroll on-line in a matter of minutes and repay their loans automatically and reliably through payroll deductions over a fixed period of up to two years. This is an economical, fast, and smart loan alternative for members who may otherwise be driven to borrow from retirement plans, predatory payday lenders (up to 300% annual interest), or credit card traps to manage unexpected expenses.

Welcome Relief: No Cost or Risk to Unions

LoansAtWork is an exciting addition to the voluntary benefits world; we offer this product at no cost or risk to Unions. LoansAtWork works seamlessly with payroll systems to manage payroll deductions with no burden on our Union clients.  Simple.  Easy.  Fair.  Grateful members will welcome your support and reward you with their loyalty and productivity.

With more than 12 years’ experience, BMG Money has made $3 Billion in loans to satisfied members. We’re here to improve the financial well-beings, with a commitment to delivering fair, reliable, and affordable benefits in the hospital, education, and Unions. Add responsible loans to your voluntary benefits package now, and free your members from financial distress!

Why Unions partner with BMG Money?

  • Offers generous revenue-sharing program to assist Unions in pursuing their member’s mission

What are the benefits for Unions?

  • Offers a valuable turnkey benefit to members and supports their financial well-being and peace-of-mind at no cost or risk to the Union
  • Helps Unions support the many vulnerable members who are being pushed out of the financial mainstream
  • Reduces member turnover, encourages retention, productivity, and performance
  • Alleviates workplace stress by accommodating members’ personal financial needs and avoiding crises

Why do Union members need LoansAtWork?

  • Offers competitive rates that beat credit cards and other unsecured loan alternatives
  • Delivers an immediate, fair, and reliable way to meet unexpected expenses during times of need
  • Reports perfect record of on-time payments to three nationwide credit bureaus
  • Teaches members better financial management strategies (BMG Money offers free financial literacy programs developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

How is LoansAtWork helping Unions and their members?

BMG Money is a partner and ally with the United Teachers of Dade and with AFSCME Local 1184 through our LoansAtWork Our program, which provides emergency loans that allow you to borrow responsibly and repay debt in affordable installments through payroll deduction options, is possible through our partnership as a benefit to the UTD and AFSCME bargaining units.

It is important that you understand that recently passed legislation, SB 256, will negatively impact our ability to maintain partnerships like this and it could cease to exist.  Without your unions, your bargaining agents, to negotiate partnerships like ours, BMG Money and other exclusive benefits offered to union members could be unavailable services to the employees of M-DCPS.

​​Your union is valuable for many reasons, and we stand in solidarity with protecting your rights and your contract. If you are a member, we encourage you to recruit new members and tell them how important it is to save your contract. If you are not yet a member, we hope you understand the damaging results this law will have on you or your colleagues, and that you are encouraged to become a unionist. This and countless other benefits and services are only made available to you via your professional organizations, United Teachers of Dade and AFSCME Local 1184.

At your service,

BMG Money & the LoansAtWork Program

Testimonials for BMG Money's LoansAtWork Program

“Look up BMG Money LoansAtWork, it is a product that has helped many of our educators in Broward County.”

– Anna Fusco, President of the Broward Teachers Union

BMG Money is currently supporting financial well-being and inclusion in the financial mainstream in the following Florida school districts:

Throughout the State of Florida, BMG Money is currently supporting financial well-being and inclusion in the financial mainstream in the following: