Emergency Loans

The Reliable Financial Product for Every Unexpected Turns

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LoansAtWork helps employees and Members responsibly manage emergency expenses. LoansAtWork is a simple way to provide Members with access to loans with fixed rates and fixed payments, at no cost to Locals or employers. When unexpected expenses arise, too often some Members end up in a cycle of expensive debt with predatory payday lenders. Unlike banks and credit unions, LoansAtWork is available to even those Members that need help the most due to low credit scores - but unlike payday lenders, it comes at a reasonable cost.

The program is simple and easy to administer and must be set up with the school district in order to provide payroll-deducted repayments of the loans.

As long as the following is in place, loans can be made without consideration of credit scores:

  • School District Established Payroll Slot
  • You are a benefits eligible, full-time employee
  • No open bankruptcy

For further information, please visit loansatwork.com or call (800) 316-8507

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