To Our Shareholders

We are pleased to report that a dividend was paid to shareholders in September 2016 for a record nineteenth consecutive year. Creative Benefits for Educators has brought continued value to membership while rewarding its Shareholders.

Our Name Says Who We Are

In 2006 the Board and Shareholders approved a change in the company name to Creative Benefits for Educators (CBE). We believe this name accurately describes who we are and what we do. CBE has a new name, but it continues to provide the same high quality service you have come to trust.

This is our business... and it's our only business.

CBE Proves Membership Doesn't Cost, It Pays!

CBE launched its Member Benefits Program in 2007, featuring three fully trained Member Benefit Consultants working with local organizations to develop local Action Plans. These local plans will encourage more members to take advantage of member programs and services ... thereby adding value to membership.

CBE assisted the FEA, School Administrators, Superintendents and School Boards to lead the "1st in the nation reform" of 403b investments. The Model Plan is now available to Florida Educators, who have been projected to save billions of dollars over the next 20 years through reduced fees and expenses in their voluntary retirement investment plans.

A Focus on Performance

Our Business Partners

  • Financial & Retirement Planning. VALIC is the leading financial services company dedicated to meeting the needs of Florida's educational community.

    The Members Advantage Plan (MAP) is valued up to $1500 and is offered by VALIC to members of sponsoring education organizations as a "privilege of membership. " Other programs and services have also been expanded, including a statewide DROP education program.

  • Auto/Home Insurance. Underwritten by Liberty Mutual, Educators Plus is recognized as one of the premier automobile and homeowner insurance programs in the nation and has been designed to meet the special needs of Florida's education community.

    With Educators Plus, the normal deductible is waved if the policyholder's car is vandalized or stolen while on school property. Competitive auto insurance rates are made even more attractive due to an extra "Members Only" discount of 10%.

  • Members Only Enrollments. American Fidelity has now partnered with Creative Benefits to provide key insurance programs to members at the worksite featuring convenient payment through payroll deduction.

    These "Members Only" enrollments have also proven to be a successful membership recruitment tool netting FEA locals nearly 3,000 members over the last five years. These new members generate more than $1.65 million per year in additional dues revenue.

  • Emergency Loans: BMG Money, Inc., and their LoansAtWork program, provides members an alternative to high cost payday loans. School districts and other public employers throughout Florida are embracing this option for all employees. Not everyone can qualify for credit union or bank loans. When emergencies happen and there is nowhere else to turn, LoansAtWork can be a cost effective option.

    These loans are payroll-deducted and do not require any specific credit ratings. As a result of this, the programs are implemented by the School Districts with this payroll deduction feature.

  • Tax Preparation: H&R Block is the world's largest tax preparation company. FEA Members enjoy special offers on the tax preparation products and services of our partner, H&R Block. H&R Block is a global consumer tax services provider, with more than 680 million tax returns prepared by and through H&R Block since 1955. There are approximately 500 company-owned and franchise retail locations in Florida. An H&R Block branded office is usually located within five miles of most Floridians.

    The tax preparers at H&R Block have an average of more than 10 years of experience in preparing tax forms. No return is too complex for them. They can do it all.

Key Financial Indicators

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